Solo Birder's Elite Retreat

King sized comfort for this Solo VIP Guided, All-inclusive retreat.

Indulge in the ultimate birdwatching experience with our Solo Birder – King Bedroom VIP All-Inclusive package. Nestled in the pristine environment of Cerro Azul, this luxurious king-sized room offers unparalleled comfort and a private balcony with majestic forest views. Enjoy comprehensive birding tours, exquisite meals, and tranquil solitude tailored for the solo adventurer.

A Luxurious Solitude

We Can’t Wait to Welcome You to The Bird's Nest!

Personalized Birdwatching Expeditions

Join our full-time VIP Professional Birding Tour Guide for personalized expeditions through Cerro Azul's rich avian landscapes.

Gourmet All-Inclusive Dining

Savor deliciously prepared meals with a variety of healthy options, snacks, and drinks, including wine and beer.

Luxurious Accommodations

Relax in our elegantly appointed King and Queen Bedrooms, each offering panoramic views and modern comforts tailored for birdwatchers.

Exclusive Nature Trails

Explore nature up close with direct access to scenic trails, perfect for both leisurely walks and adventurous hikes

Tranquil Hot Tub Relaxation

Unwind after a day of birdwatching in our soothing hot tub, nestled amidst the natural beauty of Cerro Azul.

Serene Waterfall and River Excursions

Discover the enchanting waterfalls and rivers in the area, perfect for a relaxing day immersed in nature.

Complimentary High-Speed Wi-Fi

Stay connected throughout your stay with our free Wi-Fi, perfect for sharing your birdwatching experiences.

Spectacular Sunset Lookout

Experience breathtaking views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea from our exclusive sunset lookout spots.

A Luxurious Solitude

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Embrace the serenity and grandeur of Cerro Azul at The Bird's Nest. This exclusive package offers a peaceful escape from everyday life, combining high-end accommodation with expert-led birdwatching tours. Relax, rejuvenate, and reconnect with nature in your luxurious King Bedroom retreat.

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Revel in the beauty of Cerro Azul from the luxury of your King Bedroom, designed for solo travelers seeking a blend of adventure and relaxation. Immerse yourself in birdwatching by day and enjoy serene evenings in your spacious room, overlooking the lush landscapes of Panama.

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