The Bird's Nest Panama

The Bird's Nest Panama

The Bird's Nest Panama

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Looking for some more information? We're here to help, you can contact us by filliing out the form or directly via Whatsapp and chat. You can also come visit our office at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Level P right next to the spa.

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Got Questions About Our Birdwatching Paradise?

The Bird's Nest is renowned among our guests for its exceptional birdwatching experiences and tranquil setting. We're always excited to share more about what makes our retreat special. Feel free to reach out with your questions or to hear stories and reviews from our happy birders.

Ready to Plan Your Birdwatching Adventure?

You’re in the perfect place to plan your birdwatching vacation! At The Bird’s Nest, we offer a range of all-inclusive packages tailored to every birdwatching enthusiast. Fill in your details below, and let’s start planning your visit to our birdwatcher’s paradise in Cerro Azul.

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The Bird's Nest Panama

80 Norugea, Los Altos de Cerro Azul
Cerro Azul, Panama

Panama City Office: Located at the the Waldorf Astoria Hotel Level P right next to the spa

Monday to Sunday: 10am - 6pm

A Charming Birdwatching Retreat

Looking for an Unforgettable Birdwatching Vacation?

Hello, nature enthusiasts! If you’re seeking a unique birdwatching retreat, The Bird’s Nest in Cerro Azul is your ideal destination. Tucked away in the heart of nature, our retreat is a serene haven for birdwatchers and nature lovers alike, offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore and relax in the midst of Panama’s vibrant biodiversity.

Escape to Nature

Welcome to Your Tranquil Birdwatching Escape

Discover the peace and inspiration that await you at The Bird’s Nest. Our accommodations are designed for comfort and relaxation, making them perfect for both solo travelers and groups. While we focus on birdwatching, our property also offers serene nature trails and relaxation spots, allowing you to unwind and connect with nature after a day of exploration.