The Bird's Nest Panama

The Bird's Nest Panama

The Bird's Nest Panama

Welcome to The Bird's Nest

Welcome to The Bird's Nest, an exclusive birdwatching retreat nestled in the picturesque Cerro Azul. Our unique destination offers a tranquil and immersive experience, blending the comfort of luxury accommodations with the adventure of nature. Here, amidst the stunning biodiversity of Chagres National Park, we provide an intimate setting for your birdwatching journey.

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A Serene Birdwatcher’s Paradise

Our retreat features elegantly designed accommodations, each tailored for the ultimate birdwatching experience. With luxurious King and Queen Bedrooms, our guests enjoy modern comforts while being surrounded by nature’s beauty. The Bird's Nest is more than just a place to stay; it's an opportunity to connect with nature, indulge in gourmet dining, and embark on guided birdwatching tours, creating a perfect escape for nature enthusiasts and birders alike.

Ideal for Solo Travelers and Couples

Tailored Comfort and Serenity

Welcome to The Bird’s Nest, where tranquility meets birdwatching excellence. Our retreat, set in the lush heart of Cerro Azul, is designed to offer a peaceful and engaging experience for both solo travelers and couples. Our accommodations, including the King and Queen Bedrooms, provide spacious and serene environments, each equipped with amenities that cater to your comfort and birdwatching needs. We invite you to immerse yourself in the natural beauty and tranquility of our retreat, where every stay turns into an unforgettable birdwatching adventure.

Nestled in Nature's Embrace

Looking for an Unforgettable Birdwatching Experience?

Hey nature lovers! If you’re seeking an unforgettable birdwatching experience, The Bird’s Nest is the perfect destination for you. Located amidst the vibrant ecosystems of Cerro Azul, our charming retreat serves as a haven for over 528 species of birds. It’s not just a stay; it’s an opportunity to engage intimately with nature, to relax in luxurious comfort, and to enjoy birdwatching adventures right at your doorstep.